Monday, 25 July 2011

All about medical scrubs

You will see medical professionals wearing scrubs all around the world in today’s world. Nurses, surgeons and other operating room personnel wear this specially designed item of clothing all around the world, which include a shirt, a trouser, and a cap. They are specifically made to be simple, sanitary, and cost efficient to be replaced. This garment was, in the beginning, worn by the medical professionals to replace their normal clothes which could easily be infected in the medical environment. But as we see today, it is typically worn by the each and every person working in that environment, where high sanitary condition is an obligation.
It was 20th century when surgeons started wearing these suits in the operating theatre, before that it was just worn by the nurses in the hospital as a uniform. With the advancement of medical sciences, the idea of medical garments and antiseptic drapes came forth specially in a place where a patient is being operated. These medical scrubs used to be white in color but as it was eye hurting in a highly illuminated environment of an operation theatre, they were made in various other dull shades of green.
In 1970, these scrubs were modernized as they started coming in various eye catching colors. With a blend of polyester and cotton, short sleeve shirts, drawstring pants, and for women mid-length dresses were introduced. Today’s scrubs are solid light green, light blue or a mixture of both of these pleasant colors. To satisfy the concerns of sterility, medical health facility normally own and launder these scrubs. Some hospitals keep different colors of scrubs for the personnel from different departments of the hospital, for their general identification.
Have no surprise on seeing a cartoon character made on the scrub of a nurse working in the department of pediatrics. Contemporary medical scrubs, made of colorful fabrics and cartoon characters on them, are really common in departments related to children health. On the other hand, scrubs made for the departments where adults are treated, will look sober and have a classic pattern. In a few words, scrub is something that is so comfortable and appealing that you will not mind wearing every day.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nursing Scrubs

         When I was a kid I used to think that to wear nursing scrub is like wearing a school uniform. But, as I am grown up now, I realized it was nothing like that. These scrubs were actually made for the surgical staff to perform their works, but nowadays, it has been worn by all the medical professionals to perform well in their duties. There are various benefits of wearing these specially designed costumes, which most of the people pay no attention to contemplate. Out of so many, some are discussed below.
 Nursing scrubs give medical personnel identification and due to them the environment of the medical facility looks more professional. An individual wearing this specially made clothe can be easily pointed out in a crowd of people. This is imperative in case of emergencies, as it saves a lot of time of the sufferers in identifying who to call for help.
         Contemporary nursing scrubs are no more as they used to be. Now they come in a variety of attractive designs and colors. Nursing scrubs give the medical environment a neat look. The unique material of that costume eliminates the possibility of any infections as it doesn’t allow dirt to stay on the suit. Not only that, the material is wrinkle free and if got dirty, these scrubs can also be easily changed and washed.

Special fiber technology is employed in the making of this special item of clothing. These fibers make the fabric more comfortable to wear throughout the day. Working in a hectic atmosphere like medical healthcare centers is quite challenging and to provide ease in this, these nursing scrubs are made by moisture wicking technology to stay cool and dry all day long. Bacteria and other germs find it hard to stick to the stain resistant material of these scrubs and they can easily be cleansed with the help of water.
         The fabric of these nursing scrubs is extremely durable and hard to tear off; due to this scrubs are long lasting and prove to be cheaper in long run. Wearing scrubs help medical health care personnel perform their duties happily and in energetic manner.